Crimp Wire

RANGEMASTER Class 3 Galvanized Crimp Wire is an excellent choice to reinforce the top and bottom wires of your Chain Link fence, adding tension and rigidity to make it resistant against animal impact. This means it won’t break or lose elasticity due to objects rubbing or leaning against it.

The zinc coating is useful for preventing rust and corrosion. If you need to prevent anything from pushing or pulling out your Chain Link fence, then our Crimp Wire is the perfect addition to aid the bottom of your fence. After attaching the wire to your posts, it also prevents your fence from sagging or stretching over the long term.

This product meets ASTM-A-824 standards.

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  • An excellent choice to reinforce the top & bottom of a Chain Link
  • UPC Coded
  • Class 3 zinc coated
  • Long lasting
  • Meets ASTM-A-824

Class 3

Gauge Weight Length Units per Pallet Part No.
(lbs) (‘)
7 79 1000 16 5502
7 100 1238 16 5504

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