Barbless Wire

When dealing with situations where barbed wire would not be suitable but single wire would not be enough, our RANGEMASTER Barbless Wire provides strength without causing injury for cattle and livestock fencing, land fencing and protection, and crop protection. The heavy-duty galvanized wires are uniformly zinc coated and feature 13 horizontal wires.

RANGEMASTER Barbless Wire is easy to install on all types of surfaces and is adaptable for any kind of fencing need. This tough fencing is extremely resistant to cattle impact and is easy to carry and store. Thinner-skinned animals can be contained without risk of injury compared to regular barbed wire.

This product meets ASTM-A-641 standards.

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  • Cattle and livestock fencing
  • Land fencing and protection
  • Crop protection
  • Application includes the top of a woven wire fence (I. E. horses) or commonly used as brace wire
  • Uniformly zinc coated
  • Commercial Class zinc coated
  • Heavy duty galvanized wires
  • UPC Coded.
  • Easy to install on any kind of surface
  • Adaptable for all fencing needs
  • Resistant to cattle impact
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Long lasting
  • Meets ASTM-A-641

Commercial Class

Gauge Roll Length Rolls per Pallet Part No.
12.5 1320 32 7227
14.5 1320 40 7233

Class 1

Gauge Roll Length Rolls per Pallet Part No.
12.5 1320 32 7228

High Tensile Class 3

Gauge Roll Length Rolls per Pallet Part No.
14 1320 27 7271

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